During the 1980s, the thriving development in electronic industry boosted the need of compact-sized and highly reliable power supply system; since then, we have devoted ourselves to the relevant researches. In 1992, TekPower International Co., Ltd. and Total Power Europe B. V. in the Netherlands were established in the same year, aiming business cooperation. The core target of TekPower is to professionally design and manufacture Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) of high quality.

TekPower believes that the only path to win the trust from our customers is through products of high quality and services of rapidity and enthusiasm. To put our belief into practice, TekPower not only educate, train, and update our staff's knowledge and skill in their specialized field, but also constantly evaluate and invest in the equipments and facilities. What TekPower has done is to promote the ability in competition, and furthermore, to have a stable status in international market.


Due to the need of high grade power supply, TekPower, at the very beginning, expected ourselves to design and manufacture products of high standard, and hoped no defect could be found in our products. To approach such an ideal goal, TekPower has stated to improve the mechanism of quality control since 1996. First, we applied TQC system to make the staff to have a concord in the standard and quality of the product. Second, on January 1999, ISO 9002:1994 was applied in TekPower, and as ISO had its 2000 version, TekPower updated the ISO system on August 2001.

Though TekPower concentrated on the design and manufacture of OEM/ODM power supply in the beginning, we will present the standard products year by year. International clients are welcomed.